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Jingjiang horse hoisting equipment co., LTD

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Jingjiang horse hoisting equipment co., LTD

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Jingjiang horse hoisting equipment co., LTD. Introduction

Jingjiang horse hoisting equipment co., LTD is located in the beautiful and rich jiangsu plain,Land of fish and rice-Jingjiang city,Located in the coast of the Yangtze river--Jiangyin Yangtze river bridge over the north and south,Factory address and jiangyin、Zhangjiagang over the huangpu river,Adjacent to Shanghai、Nanjing、Suzhou、Wuxi and other developed cities,The economic environment and the geographical position is very good。Close to Shanghai and Beijing、Ningtong expressway、Shanghai-nanjing expressway,Highway and waterway transportation is very convenient。 Our main products are:CD1Type electric hoist、HC Type of large-tonnage electric hoist、 BCD1Type explosion-proof hoist、Double brake metallurgical electric hoist、The Marine electric hoist、Chain electric hoist and all accessories,Cantilever crane、Slewing crane、Cantilever crane、Slewing crane、Mobile slewing crane、Column crane、Lift arm alone、Single arm crane、A wall hanging、Simple gantry crane、Single and double beam crane、Driving、Gantry crane、Balance machine、Mechanical balance machine and all accessories and undertake various non-standard design、Manufacturing、The installation,The price is materially beneficial。At the same time, the company operating the brand such as lifting products and parts。Products More and more>>

Jingjiang horse hoisting equipment co., LTD


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